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Kitchen Garden BKC

A Little Introduction BKG / Kitchen Garden

BKG / Kitchen Garden for your daily needs vegetables

The vegetable garden is growing fruits and vegetables in the backyard of the house using the wastewater from the kitchen. Also known as Home Garden or Nutritional Garden or Vegetable Garden or Vegetable Garden.

Advantages of Kitchen garden:

  1. Supply of fresh fruits and vegetables with high nutritive value.
  2. Provide fruits and vegetables free of poisonous chemicals.
  3. Helps to save expenses on purchasing vegetables.
  4. Homegrown vegetables taste better than those bought at the market.
  5. Efficient use of waste water and household waste.
  6. Exercise for body and mind.
BKG / Kitchen Garden
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Our Completed BKG Projects

Primary School BKG / Kitchen Garden

Primary School BKG / Kitchen Garden

Small BKG / Kitchen Garden for Government Primary School BargarhSee More
Kitchen Garden for your daily needs vegetables Our Video

A kitchen garden is a small plot of land where you can grow your own fresh and healthy vegetables for your daily needs.

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Fruits ofadvantages of kitchen garden

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What you can doadvantages of kitchen garden

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